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Paolo Coruzzi

Musician and Composer


Guitar and Piano lessons in West London

Classical, Acoustic and Electric guitar lessons up to Grade 8 and Diplomas

(Trinity College, ABRSM, RockSchool).

Piano, Bass guitar and Singing lessons up to

Grade 6 (Trinity College and ABRSM syllabus). 

Music technology, sound design and audio editing tuitions on Cubase (v. 7 to 11) and Logic Pro X .

Music theory, songwriting classes, and private tutoring for GCSE students who need extra help are also available.

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My new book...FAB Guitarist!

For Adventurous Beginners

The mission of this book is to help the students developing a proper guitar technique, along with a good comprehension of music theory, which too often tends to be ignored or abandoned along the way. The idea is to provide students not merely with a book, but with a ‘tool’ they could use along their path to become good musicians. The aim is to keep the basic technical and theoretical contents easily accessible and alive in the students’ minds.
The pieces have been composed to be suitable both for classical and electric guitarists so they can effectively use this book to start their journey!

Kindle Edition
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Paolo Coruzzi

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Contact me to book your first lessons!
Classes will be held in my studio in Ealing (London, United Kingdom), online, or at your place.

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