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Paolo Coruzzi

Paolo Coruzzi is an Italian songwriter, composer and stage director, based in London.

He has independently composed, produced and released solo albums, as well as soundtracks for theatre productions and songs for other artists. He begun his music career in 1992.
He is also an accomplished singer and guitarist who has performed all over Europe and collaborated with numerous international artists.

Paolo has a unique writing style that has developed over the years whilst traveling around the world, through literary studies and ongoing poetic research.
This led him to win first prize of poetry at the Pirandello Stable Festival in 2012.​

He started his career in theatre and cinema in 1998 and alongside an intensive period of training in drama school, he spent seven years acting and improving his skills in stage directing at the Teatro Regio di Torino, working under the prestigious direction of Franco Zeffirelli, Josè Carlos Plaza, Ugo De Ana, Giuseppe Patroni Griffi and John Cox.
Since 2002 he has written and directed a considerable number of plays and short films.


Paolo had various teaching jobs alongside his artistic career. He taught

Italian Literature, Humanities, Music and Drama in primary/secondary schools and academies.  
He has an MA in Humanities and Arts from University of Turin, a Diploma in Classical Guitar from Trinity College London, and he recently got a
MA in Archaeology from UCL.

Paolo is actually teaching Music in a secondary school in London.

He's the founder of SounVid video and audio productions company

​Paolo recently published the collection of Italian poems 'Viandanti nelle terre del sole' , and the book for beginner guitar players 'FAB Guitarist' both available on Amazon.

​Find out more about Paolo's music production at:

For Guitar and Piano lessons please send a message to:

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