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" I strongly believe that anyone can achieve great results and learn anything when they’re motivated and enthused. As we know education is often focused on passing exams but too often the joy of learning for the sake of just learning is missing. I can certainly help with passing exams, but in such a way that enthuses my students to want to learn more, developing their talent and curiosity.

It’s important to me to create a nurturing environment to enable my student to explore their ideas without fear of failure, building confidence and ultimately excelling. I take pride on being able to discover the way a student thinks and the style of learning that best matches them. Above all though: a good sense of humour and fun goes a long way to ensuring the whole learning experience is positive."


Classical, Acoustic and Electric guitar lessons up to Grade 8 and Diplomas

(Trinity College, ABRSM, RockSchool).

Piano, Bass guitar and Singing lessons up to Grade 6

(Trinity College and ABRSM). 

Music technology, sound design and audio editing tuitions and workshop on

Cubase (v. 7 to 11) and Logic Pro X.

Music theory, songwriting classes, and private tutoring

for GCSE students who need extra help are also available.

Lessons cost: £40 hour - visiting travel fee: 0.50p per mile .

Online tuitions: £40

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